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Escapade Champenoise - Préparez votre séjour en Champagne dans la Région de Reims

Champagne landscape

This book gathers a selection of the favourite Michel Jolyot’s photos which were taken by between 1984 and 1999 in the Champagne region. Natural sceneries, burgs and especially vineyard, amazing lights and graphics, these photos come in pairs to describe in the best way the variety and the handsomeness of the Champagne landscape. This book is dedicated to people who want to go exploring France, its countries and its regional products.

Preface to Gérard Lemarié
Extract : “Touch the front of its images with one’s finger. Breathe various perfumes of mother Earth. Listen to the melody of harmonious Nature peacefully. Look at some curbs, lines, vertiginous falls. At last, close one’s eyes to savour, as a proustien wonder, the products of one’s native country."

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